Newtown Seeks Dismissal of Wrongful Death

The town of Newtown, Connecticut was the center of a tragedy back in December 2012 when a crazed gunman came into their local school and killed 20 children and 6 educators. The incident obviously made national news and has since become one of those stories where you need only hear the word “Newtown” to know what someone is referring to.

Although it has been many years since this incident, some of the legal matters related to it are still working their way through the courts. Currently, the City of Newtown has petitioned the court to have a wrongful death lawsuit lodged by one of the estates of the family of one of the victims dismissed. The estate is seeking monetary damages in their suit.

The argument made in favor of dismissing the lawsuit is that there appears to be no evidence that the defendant (in this case the city of Newtown) did anything negligent which would have lead to the incident that occurred. Basically, no one could have ever have expected this type of thing to happen, and the fact that it did does not mean that the city was being negligent.

In this case a settlement has been offered in the past from the plaintiff asking for $5.5 million in order to drop the lawsuit. The City of Newtown did not agree with these terms and instead decided that they would continue to fight the case. They really do not believe that they were negligent in any way and do not believe that this can be proven out in a court of law. Since this is the case, they have instead moved for the dismissal of the case even if that also seems like it might not be all that likely.

Other lawsuits have sprung up from this same incident. Family members of ten of the other victims have sued the manufacturer of the weapon that the gunman used in the attack. The results of their case are still pending as well.

While it is easy to follow the headlines of such a tragic event and get lost in the very real and human stories that are involved with something like this, it can be harder to remember that legal actions still have to carry on in the wake of this as well. Families want justice, and the best way for them to get it may be through the legal system.

A Louisville wrongful death lawyer is someone who might work on a case like this. They know how to try to get the right amount of compensation for any given event. It is their job to study the law and try to figure out what is the appropriate course of action to take. They know how much to ask for in a settlement and how to try to pressure the other side to agree to the terms that you come up with. It is not as though they are acting unethically, they are just acting in a way that is in your best interest. That is their job, and that is why you should hire them to get this work done.